Villa Alba Museum

Drawing Room

This room has recently been restored: its ceiling, painted ’in the form of a sky spaced with four triangular panels resplendent with a wealth of horticultural and floricultural specimens’ and delicate butterflies. The frieze includes a series of medallions containing classical busts, linked with festoons and true lover’s knots painted in French white and gold on a silver grey ground which contrasts with the rich pink of the Rose Du Barry cove. The walls are plain pale grey.

Among the original furnishings purchased for this room were five magnificent satinwood display cabinets. One of these, which has been identified by Terence Lane, previously curator at the National Gallery, can be seen at the NGV. Lane also identified, in a shop in Canterbury, the original satinwood overmantel. It was purchased and returned to Villa Alba. The overmantel, which has a coved recess depicting a scene from Midsummer Night’s Dream and side panels representing Romeo and Juliet, can be seen once again gracing the Drawing Room.


Overmantle in the drawing room

Overmantle in the drawing room
Photograph Trevor Mein